Newport Fiddle and Folk Club

Newport Fiddle and Folk Club

Club events online only

All our face-to-face gatherings are now suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Most of our events are continuing online (See calendar below).

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All our online events are free of charge.

If you are joining in our events, please support the club by making a donation.

Just pay what you can afford. Thank you!

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Online events


Zoom for musicians

Our events now take place on Zoom. However, Zoom is designed for meetings, so the standard audio setup is not ideal for music. In fact, Zoom will actively suppress any sound that's not a speaking voice - if you leave the default settings in place. However, you can make your music sound better with a few simple steps:

This video takes you through the steps:

Note: the video assumes you're already in a meeting, but you don't need to start a meeting to change your audio settings. You can also access the audio settings panel if you just start Zoom and click the gear in the top right corner, then select Audio. For first-time Zoom users, you can also watch the video from the beginning.

If you still have audio problems

Using an external microphone

The microphone built into your laptop or webcam is usually cheap and designed for speaking voices only. If you want better sound you could invest in an external microphone. The simplest type to use are USB microphones - they plug straight into a USB port. If you're using an external mike, you'll need change your Zooom audio settings to use that mike.

Here are a few that our members have recommended:

Shop around for the best prices. The Samson is the cheapest and simplest, and it still sounds good.

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