Research - Music is Good!

We all know playing music and singing feels good. But why? Why is music universal in every human society? And is there any evidence that involvement in music is good for our health?

The club commissioned local musician and academic Steve Martin to research these questions over several months in 2016. Steve presented his findings at a "LIve@Newport" event on 21 August.

Here are Steve's PowerPoint slides.


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To publish or not to publish?

Tues Blues regular Chris James wrote this article for the Tues Blues crew, but we thought it deserved a wider audience. Chris writes musicals for schools; in this article he shares his experiences in the music publishing business.


To publish or not to publish that is the Shakespeare once said (or did he nick that from Marlowe?)


It was great to see all at the 7th BDay with all your smiling heads displayed in a sort of extrapolated Brady Bunch format.


In TB we have a fair few songwriters and experienced musos with a handful of recording projects under their belt.

So should you publish?


Over the last year I have published 4 Albums - (as some of you know, I write musicals for schools).

Here are my experiences. Interested ... read on. Not? ... you've done well to get this far, go and relax.


What does - getting published mean?

There is nothing to stop you flogging your greatest hits CD off the back of a ute at a farmers market, though.

So now publishing mainly means having your music up on all the major streamers.


So how do you do it?

  1. If you are time rich, money poor and love admin.... just go to the streamers and read their fine print. Anyone can do it. Free.
  2. Or more sensibly; go to a publisher, pay a small fee, and they will step you through the process.

There are more than a dozen companies that will do this, so do your research. I went to CD Baby and paid approx $100 an album.


So what do you get for yer hundy? 

How much Royalties do you get?

Approx half a cent per track per play. With Napster being the most generous and YouTube the tight-arseyist.


Is it Worth it?

Financially? Probably not. It just makes reality more stark. Your mum and dad love you, and even they struggle to feign interest in your music.


Taking the $ out of it... is it worth it?

Bloody oath. Blow yer hundy, get it published. You'll be dead soon.

Your only legacy will be dust in vase - and your music catalogue. You might be like Van Gogh and make it big after you kark it.


You might get a surprise. One of my albums is getting a tiny bit of play, which is far more than the others. It is about the Stonehenge Free Festival - and the peace convoy. I suspect some aging convoy hippies are curious about a musical made from their misfortune.


So play any track 2400 times and i'll buy you a pint at the Junction when it reopens. I won't even make a loss.




Apple - Pobasso and the cucumbers - Agua Blanca - Bean Field - Tuck


Prizes for anyone who identifies the Melbourne Musicians that make the songs sound good.

Happy to chat for anyone who feels the urge to go for immortality and publish.


Chris (J)

E Learning 

STEM Innovator for Primary Schools

Author and composer of School Musicals